Bookmark separators for Chrome and IE8

How to use: Drag the icon to the left of the URL in the address bar to the exact place in your bookmarks where you need to divide your bookmarks.

Want a different style? Try the solid, equal, and fancy styles. Or the original dash style.

Need it again? The dividers themselves are bookmarks, so just click one to come back here :)

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My other favorite hacks

Acer is making an i7-powered netbook - yep, you read that right. A 3-pound machine with Intel's fastest chip. A good compromise if you want the Air but are stuck with Windows for various reasons. has links to fast-loading mobile websites. Originally designed for the Kindle, it's good for any device on a low-bandwidth connection (3G phones, dial-up, etc.)

Dropbox - What's not to love about Dropbox. 2GB of online storage, no strings attached. Back-up key documents, tax returns, photos, and other cant-live-without files.

Best hack for Logitech's programmable mouse: set the tilt wheel's "left/right" to be "copy/paste". It also has extra buttons for Ctrl key combos and the like. Comfortable and very cool to look at.

A simple solution to annoying problem by Sherwood Stranieri - © 2011